If you landed on this page, chances are your world or the world of someone you love and care about revolves around these 4-legged, majestic creatures we call horses.

In all my years of horse craziness, I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly why this is, but there is almost nothing more precious than a girl (or guy) and her (his) horse. It sounds so cliche but seriously, I have been there! The bond between a horse and rider is one of a kind.

Life can be so fleeting, circumstances change, people move, horse girls go off to non-horsey colleges (I get it, its just real life), that lifelong companion/the first horse passes away from old age (been there). Do not let these memories go undocumented. You deserve beautiful portraits with your 4-legged soul mate. The opportunity to have this special bond captured on camera, through photographs is simply priceless. Don’t be too busy, don’t let yourself believe that its simply too expensive or not for me. Someday, you might look back, years from now, in a completely different spot, reminiscing on those days, wishing you had some photographs to hold on to, wishing you had a visual to transport you back in time to that special moment with that special animal. Okay, maybe it is just me, but I know I absolutely adore going through old photographs of my horses and I and thinking back to how different my life was when my biggest worry was if we could get that gorgeous slow lope down and how we would do at the next horse show!

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